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So you're sitting in your record room holding your Johnson and wondering what to do with yourself?  Ordinarily if we caught you doing this we'd turn heel and run screaming from the room.  This time however we recognize you may need some help so we are here to help you pick...

The Right Jimmy For Your Johnson

The first thing we'll cover off as it is usually the first question we get asked is "What the hell is a Jimmy Hat?"  No, it is not a hat that belongs to Jimmy, our version is based on the slang meaning rather than the literal meaning.  From Urban Dictionary;

Jimmy Hat

A prophylactic, or condom

be sure to wear a jimmy hat

Admittedly, probably something most people wouldn't associate with record sleeves but we figured, what the hell. It's also a lot less stodgy than 4mm archival vinyl premium outer record sleeves.  Plus, from our extremely limited experiences during our youth, slapping on a jimmy was always something to get excited about.  So that's the long and the short of where the name originated which means it's about time to cut the innuendos and answer the question.

a hat belonging to Jimmy

Single LP Jimmy

Our Single LP Jimmy Hats are specifically designed for, you guessed it, single albums.  If you are looking for a one-size-fits-all solution for your record protection needs, these are not the sleeves for you.  They will fit most single albums however the newer 180g albums and remasters have thick album jacket spines are would be better suited to our Gatefold LP sleeves.  The Single LP version is best for pre-2000's albums and for individuals who like a snug fitting sleeve that won't slip off your album when inserting or removing them from your shelf, box, crate, etc...  If this person sounds like the Stranger then you might prefer our...

Gatefold LP Jimmy

These are the sleeves for all you Orphans, Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards who want to make sure their double and triple albums won't be taking their Last Waltz anytime soon.  They offer the same great protection as our Single LP sleeves however have been made bigger to fit basically anything you can throw at it with the exception of box sets.  If you want one sleeve that is going to fit whatever you bring back from your digs, these are it.  Please be aware however that smaller albums will have quite a lot of room in these sleeves.

Single LP or Gatefold LP with Flap

Same sizing as our regular Single LP and Gatefold LP sleeves however designed with a fold-over flap to keep your albums secure from all four sides (as opposed to 3).  Rather than risking adhesive coming in contact with your album jackets, we designed these sleeves with a two and a half inch strap that the flap tucks under to keep it in place.  This version was originally called the Magnum and was only available in Single LP sizing however that proved confusing as some individuals had been expecting the Magnum sleeves to be bigger.  Regrettably, we had had no need of magnums on a personal level so the association between "magnum" and "bigger" was lost on us (sorry, last innuendo, we promise).  Note: Gatefold LP with Flap coming soon!

45RPM with Flap

Sun Records Elvis Presley #209 45 RPMThese should be no confusion as to the use of these sleeves because the only person who has a chance of getting a normal album inside one of these would be David Blaine!  These sleeves are designed for 7 inch aka 45 rpm aka 45's, or vinyl singles.  These are basically miniaturized versions of our sleeves with flap.  These sleeves are currently labelled as Slims however will be re-branded as simply the 45RPM with Flap when our new packaging is completed.  Interesting little footnote here, the most expensive 45 to be stored in our 45 RPM sleeve (that we are aware of at least) was a Sun Record That's All Right / Blue Moon of Kentucky by the king himself, Elvis Presley.  Pretty groovy!

Well, there you have it folks.  If you made it this far there shouldn't be any further awkward moments when trying to get your Jimmy's on (sorry, we couldn't resist).  We will keep this updated as we add new versions.  If anyone has any questions or feedback, just hit us up in the comments and we'll get right back at ya!  Thanks for reading!

One last thing for those that don't know, the fine gentlemen pictured at the top of the page is Robert Leroy Johnson.  Aside from having the perfect last name to tie into this post title, he was also a master of the blues and a major influence on a number of musicians through the years.  His story is also fascinating (regardless of whether it is true or not).  If you're interested you can check it out on Open Culture.

Groove On!

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